Lovran (Croatia, Kvarner) is a small town located on the east side of croatian largest peninsula Istra, in the base of mountain Ucka. It is perfectly protected from the winds, because of the mountains on the north and west and islands on the sea side.

Lovran got the name by plant “lovor” (laurus nobilis) which grows richly in evergreen parks in the city and the sorrounding areas. The protector of Lovran is St. Juraj. There is a church of St. Juraj located at the main square. On the square there is also great city tower, which is today used as art atelier.

Because of the mild mediterranean climate Lovran is know as a bath and health resort. Water sports offer is particularly interesting (yachting, water skiing, scuba diving, fisching); angling, walking along the promenade and also biking and tennis. Major events are the celebration of the St. George’s Day, patron saint of Lovran, fishermen’s feasts, Marunada – a feast dedicated to maroon chestnut gathering.